The famous "Morning Routine"


 Everyone talks about it - the morning routine. What is it really? And what does it mean to you? Truth is that having a morning routine while essential, it sometimes gets lost in the busy rhythm of the morning. The morning routine gets messy at least for me. Today, for example, I planned to get up earlier and practice kundalini yoga. I did get up earlier (courtesy of my 8 month old) and immersed in yoga. This happened while entertaining my baby, hitting pause/play multiple times on the Youtube yoga video and trying to calm my baby so he wouldn't wake up his brothers.

By now you are probably wondering how is this remotely related to having a productive morning routine? Allow me to explain. The first thing you can do to have a productive morning, is to DECIDE that you will have a productive morning no matter what is thrown in your direction.  

3 Things that Make You More Productive in the Morning 

  1. DECIDE - You need to make a commitment with yourself and DECIDE that no matter the circumstances you will overcome all distractions. 
  2. PLAN - Your morning routine starts at night.  WHAT! Yes, you plan your morning at night. Use your daily planner to plan your morning.
  3. DO -This is where most people disappear into the ozone "I can't do yoga  because my baby is up and what's the point now?" "I can't journal because I only have five minutes."  Try jumping on a treadmill for five minutes and you will discover that five minutes is an eee..ter..niii...tyyy... Just do it! 

 There you have it - DPD - DECIDE-PLAN-DO!

"If you believe it'll work out, you'll see opportunities. If you don't believe it'll work out, you'll see obstacles" -WAYNE DYER